Course curriculum

  • 1

    Info Regarding Your Hirees

    • Instruction to Use The AO Portal

    • Video: Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Hire

    • Video To Send To Your Prospective Hirees

    • Sample Email, Text & Ad You Can Use To Hire

    • Request Your Hiree Personalized Link

    • Request Your Hiree List & Their Progress

    • Sample Contract - Download

    • Options To Pay Your Hirees

    • Text Your Hirees

    • 1099 Info

    • Form W-9 To Give To Your Hirees

    • Fee Schedule Template For You To Edit

  • 2

    Decide if You Want to Apply for an EFIN

    • What is an EFIN & Pros/Cons

    • Let Us Know If You Already Have Your EFIN

    • Instructions to Apply for EFIN

  • 3

    EFIN Application - NEW ACCOUNT Only

    • Step 1: Create an IRS E-Services Account

    • Step 2: Send AffordaTax Your EFIN Login Credentials

    • Step 3: Send in a Fingerprint Card to the IRS

  • 4

    EFIN Acknowledgements - This only needs to be completed if you are applying for or have your own EFIN

    • Step #1 Acknowledge You've Completed Your EFIN Application on the IRS Website

    • Step #2 Acknowledge You Provided Us Your Login to the IRS EFIN Portal

    • Step #3 Acknowledge When You Mail Finger Print Card to IRS

    • Upload EFIN Letter - This is not required