The Perfect Solution

Take advantage of this up-coming tax season. Come in under your Affiliate Owner. Your AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box requires ABSOLUTELY no up-front cost for everything you need for a turn-key tax business.

AffordaTax makes E-Filing and State returns a simple process that even the most novice of tax preparers can easily use.
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Your One-Stop Shop To Your Own Tax Business

  • Since you are acquiring your AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box under an Affiliate Owner (AO), there's no cost for the all-inclusive training & software platform.

  • You get our tax software suite without paying anything upfront. You don’t have to pay for tax software licensure, tax training, bank integration, etc.

  • This game-changing way to buy tax software & tax training gives you everything you need to stay competitive and meet client needs.

  • Your Fully Integrated Suite of Services is 100% Automated, Online and Self-Paced.

No Up-Front Cost Tax Training & Software

Authorized E-File Provider

Become an IRS-Authorized E-File Professional and get your turn-key tax business in a box. No Up-Front Cost & No Experience Required.

Free Tax Software Suite

You get our tax software suite without paying anything upfront. You don’t have to pay for tax software licensure, tax training, bank integration, etc.

Marketing Training

This game-changing way to buy tax software & tax training gives you everything you need to stay competitive and meet client needs.

Cash Advance

$500 to $6,000 Cash advance. Attract and retain more clients with Cash Advances that begin January 2nd until the end of February.


“I have been with AffordaTax since the first year the company started. The online training that you get is excellent and easy to understand to learn to do taxes online. It is great not having to figure out which software is good.

There is great technical support to help you with the software or any tax questions you might have. It's nice only having to concentrate on your clients and growing your clients & not Admin tasks. The first year I started I did only 12 tax returns, but I've been able to grow my business to 650 clients and climbing using the marketing strategies I learned with AffordaTax.

I've been able to quit my job as a bus drive to work only during tax season. You will not find a better turn-key business than AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box!”

Faith Coward - Midland, TX

“I have been an Affiliate Owner with AffordaTax for 6 years. Prior, I had never thought of being a professional tax preparer; but, with no upfront costs, it was a risk-free decision that I could NOT afford to turn down.

The trainings are online and self paced, so I'm able to do them in my own time. I was able to hire others and plug them into the same model and AffordaTax does many of the admin tasks and even provide the support line for technical issues and client relations.

My income was awesome the first year and has grown each year with AffordaTax!!”

LaTasha Webb - Decatur, GA

“This will be my seventh year working with AffordaTax and it's been such a progressive experience since day one. Chastity and Lynnette are both incredibly patient and readily available to help.

Plus their Tax Biz-in-a-Box makes all the trainings automated. The company has a rewarding commission structure & the incentives provided for the clients make marketing much easier and affords us to stand out amongst the competition. Best business decision ever!”

Kiana Cooper - Atlanta, GA

“Being a Tax preparer with AffordaTax has changed my life! It's a well oiled operation that offers everything a preparer requires to be successful. I am so appreciative to have the great fortune to have attracted AffordaTax and its seamless operation and have stayed with them for 6 years.

AffordaTax arrived as the perfect solution to a problem at the perfect time. It allowed me to work from home, handle my travel needs to be with and care for elderly parents and earn money.

Chastity and her staff are the best part of the process. They are fair and considerate, kind and divinely sent!”

Cynthia McKellar - Alabama & NY

“I have been with AffordaTax for 6 years. I am pleased to work with very trustworthy and exceptional individuals as the owners of AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box.

I really admire the hard work Chastity and Lynnette do to make sure everything runs smoothly for us as tax preparers. It allows us to simply concentrate on growing our tax clients and earning money vs. doing administrative tasks.”

Are'Anna Stephens - Mississippi

“I have been using the AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box for five years & the day I came across their ad, I was very excited. There were no hassles or hoops to jump through. Since I had a strong drive to earn extra money, this was a great turn-key business to do it.

I had very little tax preparation experience, but I've worked with numbers before & after their training, step by step process, and structure, it was as easy as 1,2,3.

The professionalism and all of the support you get from the AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box staff makes it feel like a partnership. Everything they do and offer is to support my entrepreneurial efforts!”

Joniece Williams - Las Vegas, NV

Tax Software Training

Your AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box includes online training showing you how to set-up, create logins & use the software. Our tax software includes Mobile Document App Securely, which allows you to share and sync tax documents & easily scan/request documents on-the-go.

Taxation Training Continuing Education (CE)

Your AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box comes with taxation training for new and seasoned tax preparers. Every preparer will take the taxation training. You can opt for us to report 18 continuing education (CE) credits to the IRS (under your PTIN), once you take optional quizzes after each section. Taking the quizzes and reporting the CE hours to the IRS are not required.

Our taxation training uses an online video-based training system. We combine tax instruction with hands-on practice problems. This system allows you to spend less time training you & your staff & more time marketing to grow your tax business.

Tech Support

We utilize cutting-edge technology to quickly connect with our tax professionals so we can identify your issue and answer your questions in a matter of seconds. Our support team consists of CPA’s, EA’s and experienced industry professionals who provide tax software set-up & ongoing support.